I am Black, Beautiful and Happy


I am at a point in my life where all I want to do is move forward in my own skin. My authenticity is my beauty, and my confidence is my superpower. My edges or extensions don’t define me. My faith, my kindness, my vulnerability, my work, and my truth define me. I am a woman of a “particular age,” and I only walk in peace, joy, and prayers. I don’t need friendships or relationships where my vulnerability is not safe. I see beauty in everyone, but peace, love and vulnerability in a few.

I am blessed to be surrounded by beautiful women/sisters of different races who appreciate my beauty, and I appreciate theirs. No beauty is superior to the other. I am so grateful that I recognized this from an early age. Today, I urge all my sisters from other misters to embrace who you are and what you look like. Walk in your truth. Your truth will define who you truly are.

Embrace all of your size zero or size 16 bodies Embrace your bald head, short hair, or long hair. None of that defines you. You will not be remembered by the length of your hair or your dress size. They will not say in your eulogy, “You know she was a size 6”. Nope, they will speak about what you did for them and how you made them feel.


Whatever you are struggling with today, let it go. You are who you think you are. The world will tell you otherwise, but what you tell yourself about you is what will stick. Growing up, I was told all kinds of negative things about my looks, my hair and features.The thing is they were talking to the wrong little girl, and they were describing their self hate.

I created the life I wanted for myself in my head since I was about 4 years old (no joke). From that early age, I felt a force carrying me, and I recognized that I was in fact made of gold and no matter how they tried to break me or bend me, I became more valuable. No matter how much they tried to point out the parts of me that were not beautiful, God made me shine brighter. He simply made me glow and blessed me with an unbreakable spirit.


In this life, people will always try to contain you, put you down, talk bad about you behind your back. In most cases, it is due to their own insecurities and trauma.The sad part is, it’s usually those closest to you that do it. People who don’t know you can’t speak about you. The thing is, we all have our own lives to live. Never allow anyone to change your course. While they are talking, keep grinding. God put us on this earth for a reason, and that is to fulfill our purpose. Many people leave this earth and never accomplish their dreams because they allow the people they surround themselves with to talk them out of it. They were more concerned about what people were saying about them than focusing on what God placed them on earth to do. Most of us grew up in normal environments surrounded by people who accept mediocrity daily. Do not take advice from ordinary people or people who have not accomplished your big dreams. When you are walking in your truth and you are connected to your “Higher Power,” you can walk alone. The people who truly love you will walk beside you because they understand the assignment.

Today, here I am, standing in my truth, living my dreams, and walking in my purpose, in my own skin. I am made of gold. The more you try to destroy me, the more valuable I become. I am black, beautiful, and happy ‼️

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