Ask Basia Video Podcast Episode 8 ” Your Money Language. “

By Basia Alicia Powell n this episode of the Ask Basia Video Podcast the queens Basia Powell @basiapowell and Ariel Paredes @relworld3discussed, "Your Money Language" Times have changed, however, for some people, some things remain the same. What is your money language in your relationship? In this episode, we are joined by advisor, Ms. Norma Leon Instagram @nleon4 and actress... Continue Reading →

I Was Created For A Purpose

By Basia Alicia Powell We all have an anointing . We were placed on this planet for a specific purpose.  we were all brought here on earth to pursue a calling and to fulfill a purpose. We cannot help it. This is not something we decided for ourselves. It is the reason we were created.... Continue Reading →

Ask Basia Video Podcast Episode 7 – How To Achieve Self-Love?

By Basia Alicia Powell Many people struggle with achieving "Self-Love", and it is very common for them to deny this fact. For this reason, the queens and I (Alana Avis @beautybfly / Ariel Paredes @relworld3 and Basia Powell @basiapowell , decided that we needed to do a show on this topic. One of the reasons... Continue Reading →

Control Your Own Narrative

By Basia Alicia Powell People will always try and tell you who you are, or who you should be and what you should be doing. Thing about this - If you have the winning numbers for the Lotto jackpot tomorrow, would you give it to me? Hell no‼️ Therefore keep your opinions to yourself. In... Continue Reading →

Happy 18th Birthday Son

By Basia Powell I can't believe you are 18 years old today. I remember the first day we brought you home from the hospital.  Honestly, I really did not know enough about being a mom. I was so focused on making sure you did not fall off the bed or the changing table. As your... Continue Reading →

Ask Basia Video Podcast S2 Ep 6 – “Broadening Your Investment Portfolio.”

By Basia Alicia Powell Many people are terrified about the idea of investing. Maybe they are not aware that they can actually enroll in short courses to broaden their knowledge of investment options. Within recent years we have been introduced to several investment instruments, such as crypto currency, stocks, etc. Traditional forms of investing such... Continue Reading →

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