By Basia Alicia Powell

Fall Vibes 🧡

I love everything about this season. It is not too hot, or too cold. Turtlenecks and boots are out. I find it to be a very romantic time of the year. Time to get cozy😛. Most of all, I love the decor💛🧡.

This year while we will not be taking part in Halloween, because we are afraid of “The Rona” , but I am participating fully with my fall decor.
Where I come from we eat pumpkins; so everyyear I cut up my pumpkins after Thanksgiving and freeze it for the whole year to cook various meals. We don’t waste money at the Powell’s residence. We even recycle food😁.

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Mid Century Modern Vibe

I am a huge fan of modern farmhouse interior designs, but I am beginning to feel that I am even more obsessed with mid-century modern decor.

We recently did a patio transform for for one of our properties. We wanted to increase our square footage in the patio area, without breaking the bank. To achieve our goal, we used some landscaping tricks and added pavers, decorative stones, etc and the results were amazing.

In about 4 hours we were able to transform our “dated space”, to a mid-century modern vibe. All that was required was 35 pavers, 11 bags of sand, 4 bags of decorative stones, and a “Handy Husband” 🥰.

This is where I now have my early morning cup of coffee, and my late evening glass of wine🍷.

Take a look at the before and after photos:



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Bedside Accents 💛

Bedside tables are not just for lamps. My bedside table does not only define my decor style , it also defines my mood. I vote for roses and LED candles any day by my bedside. How about you? What do you have on your bedside table?

While, my bedside table can sometimes be used as a prop for a drink, it must always put me in the mood. It must also represent my decor style, with timeless accents. Roses and candles are always in style. If your table is large enough to hold a book or two as well, then that is also a good idea.

I opted for a contemporary white lamp, led candles, a matching bottle of champagne, a box of chocolate and my long lasting white roses (they last 3 years!) . Now that is what I call a whole mood. 👌🏽💕


The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior of your home. For some people it is more important. Even when your interior style gets dated, you should never ever allow your exterior style to fade. Why?

  • It helps to attract buyers quicker, when you are ready to sell. People are usually hesitant to view a home for sale, if it does not look esthetically appealing on the outside.
  • It defines the style of your home and usually sends a silent message about what your visitors can expect on the inside of your home.

  • It adds value to your home. Your outdoor style is a representation of your neighborhood. The nicer the neighborhood, the better the price. Also many people purchase their property based on location, location, location.
  • It is very important to have an outdoor space at your home that you enjoy retreating to. Everyone needs somewhere they can unwind at the home. Whether you live in a condo or a mansion, you can create an outdoor space fit for a king and a queen.

  • It is a great solution for your “at home” romance. During this time of quarantine, (as a result of the Caronavirus) couples are retreating to their decks, balconies and backyards for date night. You can do some unimaginable and affordable things with the decor in these spaces without breaking the bank. Beautiful planters with low maintenance plants, and outdoor LED lanterns are a lot more afforable that furniture.

So what are you waiting on to give your outdoor space a face-lift?

Come back soon for more decor tips❗

Old House🙄

There is no such thing as an old house. Every house has potential, once it is placed in the right hands. Square footage does not matter and luxury can be achieved through our unique vision. Every structure comes with its own glamour. I can’t wait for you to see what we are up at Basia Homes.

We are determined to achieve our 2020 vision and expand the Basia brand to include all types of “fabulousness” . We will be doing it #basiastyle. Look out for BasiaHomes where style is unique, affordable and fabulous. We will be featuring glamorous interiors and exteriors that will blow your mind. (That is all I can say for now)

In the mean time, I leave you with one of my favorite lighting fixtures for any mid century modern interior.


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Stay Bless