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Love The Hair You Are In💃

I know I have not posted for some time. I needed a break guys! Christmas was amazing. Anyways, during my break I have been working on my 2019 hairstyles. I have to step up my game. For those of you who have my hair… Continue Reading “Love The Hair You Are In💃”

4C Hair Moisture Treatment

By Basia Alicia Powell I recently got a tapered hair cut and I am loving it. However, I have spent all of my childhood and early adulthood being afraid of my natural hair. I did not know how to manage my thick, healthy 4c… Continue Reading “4C Hair Moisture Treatment”

Love The Hair You Wear 💕

By Basia A Powell My summer began with a big chop and I feel so EMPOWERED and SEXY!!! What I love about the tapered hairstyle is the fact that I can still rock the “man bun”.#LOL 📸Instagram/basiapowell I am bringing sexy back with a… Continue Reading “Love The Hair You Wear 💕”