Sex And The City Has Me Tripping

By Basia Alicia Powell What do you think about the return of Sex And The City? I mean, "And Just Like That". Well if you were fortunate enough to be a young, liberated , vivacious woman in the 90s or a gay man, you must have been bursting with excitement when the news broke about... Continue Reading →


By Basia Alicia Powell Our history is so much more than slavery, it includes breaking records in sports, winning Grammys, Academy Awards, becoming doctors, lawyers, professors, world leaders, businesmen and busiesswomen. Our people have achieved a whole lot over the past 100 years and they deserve for us to tell their stories. Their outstanding achievements... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of a Slayer 💔

My Jamaican girlfriends and I were looking forward to the World Championship in London for a long time. Word on the street was, it would be Usain Bolt's last race. Jamaicans came from all over the world to see the 'big man' win. Bolt was about to run his final race in London and it... Continue Reading →

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