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Trinidad I ❤️ You

Dear Trinidad and Tobago, I love you very much. I can’t think of anywhere else on earth I would rather be born. You always show me a great time, especially at carnival time. This year was no different, just better. I am leaving my…

Trinidad Carnival Diary 2- Panyard Vibes🔥

I recently visited my favorite pan yard in Trinidad,  Phase 11. It was “POPPIN”. More importantly, I bought my corn soup from legendary nuts man, Jumbo. Yes, Jumbo is now selling corn soup!

Chaud Cafe Food Vlog

Hey Guys Check out my new Food Vlog that was recorded at one of my favorite restaurants in Trinidad, (Chaud Cafe) this week. Their food is “POPPIN “🤩. I tried the following dishes: Avocado Crab Toast Fish Tacos The Roasted Beet, Quinoa & Kale…

Basia Carnival Diary1

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2019 is off to an amazing start. There is a party to attend every night during the carnival season. Last night was no exception, as we attended St Mary’s College, “Fete With The Saints.”. The Dr of Soca, Machel Montano…

Trinidad Doubles Vlog

The Real Thing Start! Welcome to”The Land of Fete”, otherwise known as, Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2019!Before we start the feteing, (partying), first we have to eat some doubles. Take a look at my Doubles Vlog.