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The Weekend Is Over

By Basia Alicia Powell It is Monday! For many of us, Mondays can bring a lot of anxiety. I cannot begin to tell you how many deep breaths I take on a Monday morning, before I can shake the fear of the uncertainty of… Continue Reading “The Weekend Is Over”

What’s Wrong With My Blackness?

By Basia Alicia Powell What’s wrong with my blackness might you ask? Hmmm…my answer is nothing. So if the answer is nothing; why do I have to constantly face the burden of you stereotyping and patronizing me because you feel that I feel bad… Continue Reading “What’s Wrong With My Blackness?”

What Can I Say?

By Basia Alicia Powell What Can I Say?The photo on the left is me at 36 years, right after I was diagnosed with breast cancer.(I wore my hair like that a few times prior, so the style did not freak me out) On the… Continue Reading “What Can I Say?”

How Many More Must Die?

By Basia Alicia Powell Whether you are black, white or brown, the gruesome slaughtering/killing of young unarmed black men in American should concern you. I am the mother of two black sons and I am raising them in America. This is not the first… Continue Reading “How Many More Must Die?”

Happy Diwali

Wishing a Happy Diwali to my Hindu brothers and sisters, around the world, particularly in my home country of Trinidad and Tobago. Wishing you love, light and prosperity. In a few hours, I will experience my first Diwali in New Delhi, India. Stay tuned… Continue Reading “Happy Diwali”

My Kolkata Vlog

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful day. I am still in India. Please see My Kolkata Blog. Enjoy Basia