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Happy Thanksgiving

Today I give thanks for life. I feel very blessed to have spent a fabulous day with my family and friends. As I reflect on Thanksgiving, I am grateful for my life, family (some of whom I am not related to by blood) and… Continue Reading “Happy Thanksgiving”

The “Side-Chic”

I realize that a lot of men are confused about the fact that not every woman is trying to be their wife. There are three types of women. The first kind we call her, “Wife Material”. There is no doubt in her man’s mind… Continue Reading “The “Side-Chic””

Basia Talks 2

Hey Guys Checkout my video Basia Talks 2 , “No Money, No Love.” For more videos, visit my Basia Powell Youtube channel. Cheers Basia aka Slayer

No Money, No Love

I do not believe in love at first sight. I believe in attraction at first sight. How can you seriously love someone you do not know? Recently, I was asked by a friend if she should choose love or money as she navigates the… Continue Reading “No Money, No Love”

Healthy Food Ideas This Holiday

I love the holidays but I don’t like the weight gain that sometimes come with the season. In order to keep the extra pounds off this Thanksgiving, I am putting a lot of thought and planning in my menu. While I may not get… Continue Reading “Healthy Food Ideas This Holiday”

Basia Talks

I have heard you! Here are my thoughts on my article, “40 and Single?” (Full article available on my blog,