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40 And Single?

I know many women who are in their 40s and are single. Despite several attempts at love, they have not found “Mr Right”. The women I know are also attractive and gainfully employed. They are not looking for a “Sugar Daddy”. They can handle… Continue Reading “40 And Single?”

Weight loss after 40

By Basia A Powell Many women and men have shared their struggles with weight loss and fitness after the age of 40. Some people are even struggling with these issues prior to turning 40. After I turned 40, I did not pay attention to… Continue Reading “Weight loss after 40”

Success is in the work

So many people equate success to money. Others equate success to being busy all the time. I know this because at one point in my life, I was one of those people. As I became wiser, I realized that success had more to do… Continue Reading “Success is in the work”

10 Rules When Gift Shopping!

With the upcoming Christmas and holiday season approaching, many of us are charged with the responsibility of purchasing gifts for family members,friends, and colleagues.This is a huge responsibility, especially if you want to get it right and not be in debt after the holiday… Continue Reading “10 Rules When Gift Shopping!”

What I learnt in my 40’s

Growing up, I used to think that a 40 year old person was an old person. Well Karma is a “bixxx” because here I am standing in my 40s and this is the best I have ever felt. My kids tell me everyday, “Mom… Continue Reading “What I learnt in my 40’s”

Give yourself permission to grow!

Growth and change are inevitable. However, some people either embrace change or they run from it. Change is also a great thing when it comes as a result of growth. It saddens me when people run from growth. On the grind! Many people allow… Continue Reading “Give yourself permission to grow!”