Who Dat?👓💋

By Basia Alicia Powell Today is "Flashback Friday", and I felt like taking it way back. I needed some inspiration to do yoga and cardio today. Then like the Lord was listening😊 and I found this photo 💗. This was one of my favorite Basia Magazine Editor photoshoots, taken more than 10 years ago in... Continue Reading →

Keep Looking Up

No matter what life throws your way this week. Keep looking up. All the solutions and blessings come from above. The only thing that comes from the ground is food, but it needs the sun and the rain from above to flourish.

Speed Does Not Matter

Speed Does Not Matter It matters not who wins the race. All that matters, is that each and everyone of us, reach the finish line. Speed matters in sports, not your dreams. Some people are so focused on competing and winning a race, they burn out completely, before they reach their dreams. Everyone cannot be... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving

I am grateful to be alive, to see another Thanksgiving holiday. Today, we should all reflect on the meaning of Thanksgiving. It is not just a holiday to eat lots of food and go shopping, its way more than that. Please take a look at my special thanksgiving message. Happy Thanksgiving Basia https://youtu.be/ksQvvJA2VTk

Sunday Inspiration🙏🏽

Your self worth will be challenged in every relationship you develop. People will always try and define your worth for you. In any relationship, personal or professional, your worth is defined by what you are willing to accept. Who determines your worth? This is not necessarily your dollar value. It is your personal standard. What... Continue Reading →

Diwali In Delhi

Diwali In Delhi Diwali is the "festival of lights" celebrated by the Hindu community around the world. The Hindu festival signifies light over darkness, good over evil. Growing up in Trinidad, it was always a pleasure to celebrate Diwali. Needless to say, when my hubby revealed that we would be iin New Delhi, India during... Continue Reading →

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