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Rest In Paradise John Lewis

By Basia Alicia Powell Civil Rights icon, Congressman John Lewis, has died at the age of 80. Here is a tribute we wrote earlier to mark the passing of this civil rights hero: “ Rest In Paradise 🙏🏾. You are the definition of a… Continue Reading “Rest In Paradise John Lewis”

Our Son Opens Up On Blacklivesmatter

By Basia Alicia Powell The racial pandemic in America, and around the world,has sparked many discussions and massive protests, resulting in some sweeping reform. My husband and I have been forced out of our comfort zone, as we engage our 16 year old black… Continue Reading “Our Son Opens Up On Blacklivesmatter”


By Basia Alicia Powell Our history is so much more than slavery, it includes breaking records in sports, winning Grammys, Academy Awards, becoming doctors, lawyers, professors, world leaders, businesmen and busiesswomen. Our people have achieved a whole lot over the past 100 years and… Continue Reading “CONVERSATIONS WITH BASIA – DR LOUISE BENNETT”

Spinach Ravioli With Mushrooms And Broccoletti In Supreme Sauce

By Basia Alicia Powell Hey Fam, My recipe this week is dedicated to my vegetarians! And it is absolutely delicious 😋. I cannot wait for you to try this Spinach Mozzarella Ravioli , with Mushrooms, Broccoletti and Sundried Tomatoes. Prep time 30 to 45… Continue Reading “Spinach Ravioli With Mushrooms And Broccoletti In Supreme Sauce”

Parmesan Cod in Cilantro Sauce

By Basia Alicia Powell Hey Fam, Hope you are all doing well. This is one of my favorite fish recipes . It is an unsalted Cod Fish I seasoned with just seasalt and black pepper. The key is the flavor of the sauce. Parmesan… Continue Reading “Parmesan Cod in Cilantro Sauce”

First Indian-American Professional Baseball Player

I am so proud of this young man by the name of Karan Patel. Karan is the first Indian-American to be drafted in a MLB draft. We have known Karan since he was a tiny fella. His dad and my hubby have been best… Continue Reading “First Indian-American Professional Baseball Player”