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Sex Vs Intimacy

By Basia Alicia Powell Many people confuse intimacy with sex.  I would agree that sex can definitely be a part of an intimate relationship, but an intimate relationship may not necessarily be a sexual one. It is for this reason, I believe in the… Continue Reading “Sex Vs Intimacy”

Today Let’s Remember The Dream”

By Basia Alicia Powell Today we celebrate the life and work of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. A man who inspired me from an early age. As a young student pursuing my First Degree in Politics at the University Of The West Indies,  I… Continue Reading “Today Let’s Remember The Dream””

Price Does Not Always Reflect Worth

By Basia Alicia Powell When I was a little girl, I honestly did not feel rich or poor. The only description I had for myself was fabulous. It was strange how the numerical value I attached to my existence was, the word fabulous. Well,… Continue Reading “Price Does Not Always Reflect Worth”


By Basia Alicia Powell Hey Fam, I promised you I would do a Food Vlog showing you how I prep food for the week, for my family. Well wait no more. I have delivered. This past Saturday, I documented my weekly food prep. This… Continue Reading “TERIYAKI STIR FRY NOODLES WITH PORK, CHICKEN AND SHRIMP”

Saying “No” Can Be A Blessing

By Basia Alicia Powell Its Monday Fam. Today, I am addressing the upside of saying and hearing the word “No”. It is important we teach our children how to say it and most of all, how we can turn a ” No” into a… Continue Reading “Saying “No” Can Be A Blessing”

An Inconvenience Vs A Problem

By Basia Alicia Powell Today is Monday and I feel grateful to be alive. My Happiness Vlog today is entitled, “An Inconvenience vs A Problem.” I have so many things to be grateful for. Does this mean that I have checked off everything on… Continue Reading “An Inconvenience Vs A Problem”