Ask Basia Video Podcast EPISODE 15- Sex Vs Intimacy

By Basia Alicia Powell Many people confuse intimacy with sex.  I would agree that sex can definitely be a part of an intimate relationship, but an intimate relationship may not necessarily be a sexual one. It is for this reason, I believe in the "90 Day Rule" in a relationship.  You may be asking yourself,... Continue Reading →

Today Let’s Remember The Dream”

By Basia Alicia Powell Today we celebrate the life and work of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. A man who inspired me from an early age. As a young student pursuing my First Degree in Politics at the University Of The West Indies,  I decided to do my final year thesis on his fight for... Continue Reading →

Price Does Not Always Reflect Worth

By Basia Alicia Powell When I was a little girl, I honestly did not feel rich or poor. The only description I had for myself was fabulous. It was strange how the numerical value I attached to my existence was, the word fabulous. Well, I have to say nothing much has changed.😀 I am always... Continue Reading →


By Basia Alicia Powell Hey Fam, I promised you I would do a Food Vlog showing you how I prep food for the week, for my family. Well wait no more. I have delivered. This past Saturday, I documented my weekly food prep. This method saves me a lot of time, money, not to mention,... Continue Reading →

Saying “No” Can Be A Blessing

By Basia Alicia Powell Its Monday Fam. Today, I am addressing the upside of saying and hearing the word "No". It is important we teach our children how to say it and most of all, how we can turn a " No" into a yes, and make it your biggest blessing. Have a blessed week,... Continue Reading →

An Inconvenience Vs A Problem

By Basia Alicia Powell Today is Monday and I feel grateful to be alive. My Happiness Vlog today is entitled, "An Inconvenience vs A Problem." I have so many things to be grateful for. Does this mean that I have checked off everything on my "want list"? Hell no! Do I have a perfect life?... Continue Reading →

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