Ask Basia Video Podcast Ep17- “Is It Crucial To Have Your Backup Money In A Relationship?”

A woman should have her backup money in a relationship. I am a huge fan of a happily married couple having joint assets. However, you can have a loving financial partnership and still maintain financial security as a woman, in order to protect yourself from any unforeseen circumstances. Financial security can be achieved in various... Continue Reading →

Ask Basia Video Podcast EPISODE 15- Sex Vs Intimacy

By Basia Alicia Powell Many people confuse intimacy with sex.  I would agree that sex can definitely be a part of an intimate relationship, but an intimate relationship may not necessarily be a sexual one. It is for this reason, I believe in the "90 Day Rule" in a relationship.  You may be asking yourself,... Continue Reading →

My Happiness Cannot Be Compromised

By Basia Alicia Powell It is difficult to ask people who are not on your level to think on your level. Most people process information based on how the message affects them or their insecurities. When you are 5 years old, you think like a 5 year old. The problem arises when some people are... Continue Reading →

It’s Called Living

By Basia Alicia Powell So many people spend 90 % of their lives, living dead lives. They want to be alive, but they are afraid to live. They spend most of their lives in perfect isolation, contented to watch others live, but fearful to live their truth. I am a huge advocate of living with... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Stop My Flow

By Basia Alicia Powell Ladies, are you surrounded by women who are quick to point out your flaws or the flaws of other women? Are they conservative with their compliments and simply not happy in their own lives, so it is difficult for them to be happy for you or others? If the answer is... Continue Reading →

ASK BASIA VIDEO PODCAST EPISODE 11- “Dating Or Marrying A Younger Man.”

"Dating Or Marrying A Younger Man" By Basia Alicia Powell When I was in my early to mid twenties,  the idea of dating or marrying a younger guy seemed crazy to me. Suddenly, I was approaching the  age 30 and by then, I dated and I had kissed a few frogs, and suddenly my perspective... Continue Reading →

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