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Basia’s Clay Pot

Hey Fam I want to share my recipe for my version of the Vietnamese dish “Clay Pot”. I love a Clay Pot and since I cannot get to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant right now, I decided to bring the Clay Pot to me. Basia… Continue Reading “Basia’s Clay Pot”

Dessert Temptation🥞💯

Dessert Temptation 🥞💯 Of late, I have developed a “sweat-tooth”. I walked into the office yesterday, (for the first time in weeks), and they were having “Dessert Tuesday”. All I could hear is Kevin Hart’s voice in my head saying, “Its about to go… Continue Reading “Dessert Temptation🥞💯”

New Orleans Food Vibes

For the past few days, we have been celebrating my aunt Joan’s birthday in New Orleans Louisiana and I have also been checking out the food scene in New Orleans, Louisiana. Here are some of my favorites so far: Grilled Redfish with Crabmeat from… Continue Reading “New Orleans Food Vibes”

Basia's Cuban Vlog

Yesterday I visited Mambos Cuban Restaurant. The food is amazing. Go check them out 💓

Basia's Cuban Vlog

Yesterday, I visited Mambo’s Cuban Restaurant in Alpharetta GA. This restaurant did not disappoint. The food is absolutely amazing. If you don’t believe me, go try it yourself. Go early to avoid the lunchtime rush. I had the Seafood Mix Grill, also known as… Continue Reading “Basia's Cuban Vlog”

Basia's Visit To Au Pan Crepe French Restaurant

I attended a French based culinary school, so I have a bias for French cuisine!👌🏽💕. For this reason, when the opportunity presented itself for me to visit Au Pan Crepe French Restaurant in Alpharetta GA, I grabbed it with both hands. Au Pan Crepe… Continue Reading “Basia's Visit To Au Pan Crepe French Restaurant”