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London Summer 2019

If you know me very well, then you will know how much I love London, particularly in the summer. I can’t really describe exactly what I love about this city. Maybe it is the modern interior designs hidden behind all the traditional brick exterior… Continue Reading “London Summer 2019”

My Summer Hairstyles

I live for the summer! I get very excited about my hairstyles and fashion. As you know, I have chopped off my hair and i have decided to wear a tapered haircut this summer. However, what I love about this hairstyle is the fact… Continue Reading “My Summer Hairstyles”

Alpharetta Art Festival

I hope you all enjoyed Memorial weekend. I know we did in the Atl! There was a festival everywhere. Saturday morning we went to the Art Festival in downtown Alpharetta. There were craft vendors from throughout Georgia. Some of my favorite artisans were Janine… Continue Reading “Alpharetta Art Festival”

Friday FEELING- Plug Into Your Energy

No matter what is going on around us, we all have the power to plug into our positive energy. We can project our positive vibes on a negative situation and turn things around. Our results are directly related to what we imagine and believe.… Continue Reading “Friday FEELING- Plug Into Your Energy”

Wednesday Wisdom

A Career Woman

It has always been very important to me, to be a career woman. I did not understand what it meant. What I really wanted was to be my own boss, with a successful career, with a fabulous husband, beautiful children and the white picket… Continue Reading “A Career Woman”