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“A woman’s hairstyle defines her mood.” – Basia Powell

The Problem, Is Not The Problem ❗

Two people can look at the same situation and see two completely different things. One can see a problem and the other can see an opportunity. They can both go through a difficult situation, and one can write a hit song or book, and… Continue Reading “The Problem, Is Not The Problem ❗”

4C Hair Moisture Treatment

By Basia Alicia Powell I recently got a tapered hair cut and I am loving it. However, I have spent all of my childhood and early adulthood being afraid of my natural hair. I did not know how to manage my thick, healthy 4c… Continue Reading “4C Hair Moisture Treatment”

The Reality Of A Black Woman

Every woman is powerful, so by extension, every black woman should be considered to be the same. Instead this phrase “Powerful black woman” is bestowed on a chosen few , who refused to accept the label of “angry black woman”, in their relentless pursuit… Continue Reading “The Reality Of A Black Woman”