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The First Black To..

By Basia A Powell I no longer like the phrase , “I am the first black to.” Gone are the days when we need to celebrate the first black person to become somebody. This is a feeling that continues to divide us. We can… Continue Reading “The First Black To..”

The Reality Of A Black Woman

Every woman is powerful, so by extension, every black woman should be considered to be the same. Instead this phrase “Powerful black woman” is bestowed on a chosen few , who refused to accept the label of “angry black woman”, in their relentless pursuit… Continue Reading “The Reality Of A Black Woman”

Dear “Sistas”

Dear Sistas, A sister is a female with whom you share the same biological or adopted mother or father. However, in the black community, the term “sista” refers to black women who are not related by blood, but by bond and race. The term… Continue Reading “Dear “Sistas””