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Sometimes I Just Stand At The Door And Stare At The Rain

By Basia Alicia Powell I am always grateful. No matter what is taking place, I always rise above it in gratitude. I always manage to see obstacles in a positive light. They did not make me, so they cannot break me. You see, I… Continue Reading “Sometimes I Just Stand At The Door And Stare At The Rain”

The Definition Of Success

By Basia Alicia Powell I feel like success has been poorly defined for many of us. In most cases, the definition is derived by a measurement or perhaps a comparison between and among persons based on lifestyle and our abilities to acquire more things.… Continue Reading “The Definition Of Success”

Life Is Like Fishing

By Basia Alicia Powell Today I am posting my Happiness Live Vlog a bit late because I went fishing with my family. We have not gone fishing for a very long time. Boy we were missing out on living. We needed to disconnect and… Continue Reading “Life Is Like Fishing”

No Such Thing As “Not Racist”

By Basia Alicia Powell “I Am Not Racist” I have accepted that for the greater part of my lifetime, there will be two types of people, “a racist” and “an anti-racist”. What is the difference. “A racist” is someone who believes in racial supremacy… Continue Reading “No Such Thing As “Not Racist””

Finding Balance With Yoga

By Basia Alicia Powell I am not sure when it all happened. I am referring to my love affair with yoga! I tried yoga and pilates on and off over the years, as a form of exercise. However, about 8 months ago , I… Continue Reading “Finding Balance With Yoga”

Trinidad Carnival Is A Family Reunion

By Basia Alicia Powell So many people are requesting that I take them to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. I don’t give them wrong for asking , but while I can’t take you with me, because I am working as well as partying, I am… Continue Reading “Trinidad Carnival Is A Family Reunion”