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Life Is Like The Elevator

By Basia Alicia Powell I recently came to terms with how symbolic the ride on the elevator is. It reminds me of life. The elevator goes up or down, with the press of a button. It can move in the direction of your choice.… Continue Reading “Life Is Like The Elevator”

Ask Basia Video Podcast Episode9

By Basia Alicia Powell Why Men And Women Cheat? I am not sure that I have the answer for the above question. For this reason, I decided to get together with some other queens to get their perspectives. We are all grown women who… Continue Reading “Ask Basia Video Podcast Episode9”

It’s The Little Things In Life That Counts

By Basia Alicia Powell What have you missed doing during this past year? I am sure you have a long list, right? My list consists of simple things I took for granted. Like many people, I miss traveling to see my family and close… Continue Reading “It’s The Little Things In Life That Counts”

Hate Is Actually Disguised Fear

By Basia Alicia Powell For those who are still hating, ” What are you afraid of? Even if you refuse to accept the idea of equality of all races, we are already there. Your children and grandchildren will reject your ignorance and marry who… Continue Reading “Hate Is Actually Disguised Fear”

Happy Birthday To My Soul Mate💋

You don’t choose a soul mate they choose you. For this reason, you should not go looking for your soul mate. Many times I hear ,women in particular ,say that they are looking for their soul mate. If you have a “soul mate”, trust… Continue Reading “Happy Birthday To My Soul Mate💋”

Expect The Best And You Will Get The Best

There was a time in my life that I did not understand the power of expectations and gratitude. When I reflect on my early life, I have to say that I was surrounded by people who did not understand either, but I have grown… Continue Reading “Expect The Best And You Will Get The Best”