Trinidad And Tobago You Made Me Proud

By Basia Alicia Powell Hello Fam, I waited a few days before I publicly celebrated Trinidad and Tobago’s recent feat. If you have not yet heard, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), Trinidad and Tobago is number 2 in the world for the… Continue Reading “Trinidad And Tobago You Made Me Proud”

Social Distancing Is Not New

By Basia Alicia Powell It seems like “Social Distancing” is the new buzz word. It is an actual strategy being implemented by the CDC and other health authorities, to save all our lives during this deadly pandemic. For many people, social distancing should not… Continue Reading “Social Distancing Is Not New”

Do Not Panic

By Basia Alicia Powell I have been very silent for the past two weeks, on my blog. Like most of you, I have been trying to figure things out. Believe you me, I have had a lot to figure out. From putting things in… Continue Reading “Do Not Panic”