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Ask Basia Video Podcast 7

By Basia Alicia Powell I Can’t Breathe Part 3 –Justice Is Served! Today, justice was served. And while this verdict will not bring back George Floyd or any other person of color who was wrongfully killed by the police, it certainly sent a message… Continue Reading “Ask Basia Video Podcast 7”

The Complications Of Being A Black Woman

By Basia Alicia Powell I am a black woman. I have always embraced my color and race. The word black was never too strong or offensive to describe myself. I never tried to dilute my blackness by trying to disguise myself as mixed. (As… Continue Reading “The Complications Of Being A Black Woman”

No Such Thing As “Not Racist”

By Basia Alicia Powell “I Am Not Racist” I have accepted that for the greater part of my lifetime, there will be two types of people, “a racist” and “an anti-racist”. What is the difference. “A racist” is someone who believes in racial supremacy… Continue Reading “No Such Thing As “Not Racist””