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Hate Is Actually Disguised Fear

By Basia Alicia Powell For those who are still hating, ” What are you afraid of? Even if you refuse to accept the idea of equality of all races, we are already there. Your children and grandchildren will reject your ignorance and marry who… Continue Reading “Hate Is Actually Disguised Fear”

The Trump Effect

The Trump Effect Don’t be alarmed by what I am about to say. I feel like President Trump is exactly what America needed. As such, I believe the “Trump Effect” is likely to make a positive impact that would serve us well for several… Continue Reading “The Trump Effect”

Dear President Trump

I write this letter to you after months of suffering from chronic anxiety. My anxiety started around November 8, 2016, to be exact. My family members have suggested that you are the cause of my anxiety but I told them, that is “Fake news”.… Continue Reading “Dear President Trump”