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Taste Of Alpharetta Food Vlog

Take a look at our Food Vlog from “Taste Of Alpharetta 2019”.

Taste Of Alpharetta 2019

Taste of Alpharetta Food Festival is an annual Festival which began in 1990, in Alpharetta, Georgia. Over 60 restaurants owners and chefs gather downtown Alpharetta to showcase the best of the city’s cuisine. This festival is one of the longest running in the South….

My Indian Food Exploits

Take a look at my Food VLOG from my visit to a popular South Indian restaurant in Mumbai. The highlight of my time spent at South of Vindhyas restaurant, is eating on the banana leaf, the staff washing our hands before our meal, and…

My Salad Cleanse

After a hectic travel schedule for the past three months, I have decided that I need to cleanse my body honey😁. As a result,I am going to have meal salads for the next two weeks. These are tasty and filling. The following fruits and…

Grilled Shrimp & "Cauliflower Grits"

One of my favorite Southern dishes is Shrimp and Grits. However, we all know what would happens if I were to eat that every week. I am not going to lie to you, I am a woman of a particular age and my metabolism…