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By Basia Alicia Powell Our history is so much more than slavery, it includes breaking records in sports, winning Grammys, Academy Awards, becoming doctors, lawyers, professors, world leaders, businesmen and busiesswomen. Our people have achieved a whole lot over the past 100 years and… Continue Reading “CONVERSATIONS WITH BASIA – DR LOUISE BENNETT”

Caribbean Life💕

I grew up in the Caribbean and I took it for granted. My childhood years were spent in Trinidad and Tobago, #love👌🏾❤️, and my early adult years were spent in Jamaica 🇯🇲, where I found my love 😍. During those years I craved life… Continue Reading “Caribbean Life💕”

Cafe Blue, A Hidden Jamaican Treasure🇯🇲

Cafe Blue, A Hidden Treasure In The Jamaican Blue Mountains You may have heard about the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. However, you may not have heard about a hidden treasure buried in the Blue Mountains, (where the country’s famous coffee is grown) called Cafe… Continue Reading “Cafe Blue, A Hidden Jamaican Treasure🇯🇲”