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We Cannot Live In Fear

By Basia Alicia Powell So many lives are ruled and ruined by fear. Everyone of us experience some kind of fear. Fear is not always bad or a sign of weakness. It can be a signal from the brain that something greater is about… Continue Reading “We Cannot Live In Fear”

MY Covid-19 Growth Spurts

Basia Alicia Powell This year, I have been focusing a lot on my personal growth and dare I say, I may have experienced some major “growth spurts”. Since we were all affected by this pandemic in one way or the other, I used my… Continue Reading “MY Covid-19 Growth Spurts”

Branding Not Trending…

The morphing of the brand.No regrets, just enjoying the ride. Grateful for all the pain, joy, betrayals, empty promises, fear, failures and self doubt I experienced along the way. It was all worth it.❤ There were days I wanted to quit. People tried to… Continue Reading “Branding Not Trending…”

Chasing Got Me Nowhere!

By Basia Alicia Powell For as long as I can remember, I have been a chaser. I thought it was called driven, ambitious, go-getter, whatever you choose to call it. This approach got me to where I needed to get to, but I did… Continue Reading “Chasing Got Me Nowhere!”

Are You Living?

By Basia Alicia Powell Are You Living? It’s a brand new week. I am alive! Today, I can truly say that my priority both now and in the future, is to live my best life. So many of us are alive, and we are… Continue Reading “Are You Living?”

Hurting People, Hurt People

By Basia Alicia Powell Many of us are experiencing some form of pain. Unfortunately, some of us are unable to cope, and we are afraid to admit it, at the risk of being HUMAN‼️. Mental and emotional pain are  hard to detect. Many people… Continue Reading “Hurting People, Hurt People”