Ask Basia Video Podcast Ep 26 “WIll You Marry Again? Part 2”

Basia Alicia Powell If you think Part 1 was a movie, well then you need to see or listen to Part 2 of this podcast. The ladies did not hold back, and neither did I. I left this podcast feeling seen. While many of us are happily married, it does not change the fact that... Continue Reading →

Happy 18th Anniversary Hubby!

Dear Husband Today marks 18 years we said “I do”. Boy or boy, our vows have been tested. ‘In sickness and in health, richer or poorer’. We have been through it all, and by God’s grace we are still standing. It was not easy, but I feel incredibly blessed to be married to a man... Continue Reading →

Secret To A Happy Marriage❤️

Have you ever heard the saying, “Happy wife, happy life.” Well it is actually the secret to a happy marriage. Marriage is not as hard as people make it out to be. It really gets complicated when two people have nothing in common and are not on the same page, or they are constantly trying... Continue Reading →

Letter to my husband❤️

Dear Husband, Happy 16th Anniversary! It feels like just yesterday we fell in love. I remember we did not do premarital counseling because you felt that we did not need it, because our love was so perfect we would be fine 😎😡. Well 16 years later you might admit maybe we should have gone to... Continue Reading →

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