What Success Means To Me❗️

What Success Means To Me Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be successful. As I grew older, my idea and definition of success changed. At first I used the symbols of success, like luxury cars, homes and career to measure my success. My real measurement came when I discovered the... Continue Reading →


Can I tell you something? Life boils down to choices. We were all blessed with free will. The person you are today, is as a result of the choices you made yesterday. We need to own that. Wherever we are standing in our lives right now, is as a result of the choices we made... Continue Reading →

A Woman On A Mission

A Woman On A Mission Today is a brand new day. It’s all we have. No one is guaranteed to see tomorrow, but we all hope to be here. On my journey, I have made a lot of mistakes. The worst mistake I have made thus far, is not being true to who I am,... Continue Reading →

The Classic Shirt❤️

Did someone say ,"Classic Shirt"? I am here for it. I love a classic shirt. I can dress it up or down. It can be worn with short skirts, shorts, long or short skirts,leggings and trousers. I am even a big fan of the classic shirt dress. It is classy, sexy and never gets old.... Continue Reading →

Bored With The Black Handbag?

Bored With The Black Handbag? I remember a time when every woman had to have the black handbag. I must admit, I was one of them. I don't know about you, but I cannot say the last time I purchased a black handbag. Oh how times have changed, as it’s no longer my style. Gone... Continue Reading →

Spring Fashion Pins

Now that Spring is here, allegedly 😎. I cannot wait to slay, all day, all night. I have started preparing my closet and my styles. I am ready to launder and pack away those winter coats and boots to bring out those sandals and colorful strapless dresses. Every week until summer, I will feature my... Continue Reading →

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