Ask Basia VIdeo Podcast – Episode 25 ” WIll You Marry Again?- Part 1

Basia Alicia Powell In a recent survey, we discovered that the majority of married women we interviewed, disclosed that they have no desire to remarry. Needless to say we were shocked. It appears that these wives believe that, if for whatever reason they can no longer be with their present husbands, they are open to... Continue Reading →

Ask Basia Video Podcast EPISODE 15- Sex Vs Intimacy

By Basia Alicia Powell Many people confuse intimacy with sex.  I would agree that sex can definitely be a part of an intimate relationship, but an intimate relationship may not necessarily be a sexual one. It is for this reason, I believe in the "90 Day Rule" in a relationship.  You may be asking yourself,... Continue Reading →

Get In The Game

By Basia Alicia Powell There is a reason most professional athletes are highly paid. It is not easy staying fit and being at the top of your game. It takes tremendous sacrifices and confidence to become a world class athlete. There is also a reason spectators are not paid because all they do is. No... Continue Reading →

ASK BASIA VIDEO PODCAST EPISODE 11- “Dating Or Marrying A Younger Man.”

"Dating Or Marrying A Younger Man" By Basia Alicia Powell When I was in my early to mid twenties,  the idea of dating or marrying a younger guy seemed crazy to me. Suddenly, I was approaching the  age 30 and by then, I dated and I had kissed a few frogs, and suddenly my perspective... Continue Reading →

Ask Basia Video Podcast S1 Episode 8

By Basia Alicia Powell Mental Health Crisis Affecting Women We are all desirous of living a great life and in a better world. The truth is, the world is just a space that we all occupy. Therefore we have to do our part to make this world a better place. Many people are hurting, as... Continue Reading →


"The Importance of Building Confidence In Young Women? It is not easy being a woman. Particularly a woman of color.Women are constantly judged for having too much confidence or too little. We are sidelined for being too qualified or not qualified enough. The glass ceiling is not very kind to us. We still have a... Continue Reading →

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