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My Quarantine Lessons

By Basia Alicia Powell Suddenly I got it. A pandemic cannot stop me from living,  once my soul is alive. I have always prioritized being happy and feeding my soul, but whenever I allowed darkness and negative vibrations to entire my space, I became… Continue Reading “My Quarantine Lessons”

Adjust Your Lighting

By Basia Alicia Powell How you see a situation sometimes boils down to your lighting. If your bulb is dim, then your lighting will also be poor. Many of us are seeing darkness at the moment and some are even feeling hopeless. Its understandable,… Continue Reading “Adjust Your Lighting”

Do You

Basia Alicia Powell A few years ago, I was asked to address the students from one of my Alma Maters, St Joseph’s Convent, St Joseph. I remember talking to them about pursuing their dreams. When I attended high school (I attended to two), I… Continue Reading “Do You”

Saying “No” Can Be A Blessing

By Basia Alicia Powell Its Monday Fam. Today, I am addressing the upside of saying and hearing the word “No”. It is important we teach our children how to say it and most of all, how we can turn a ” No” into a… Continue Reading “Saying “No” Can Be A Blessing”