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Ask Basia Video Podcast 6

This week I am joined by Dr Stephanie Thompson , Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility specialist , keep up with her on http://www.instagram.com/dr_smthompson and Mrs Alana Avis, Cyber Security Risk Executive, follow her on http://www.instagram.com/beautybfly(see bios below). And of course you can follow your girl at… Continue Reading “Ask Basia Video Podcast 6”

Our Son Opens Up On Blacklivesmatter

By Basia Alicia Powell The racial pandemic in America, and around the world,has sparked many discussions and massive protests, resulting in some sweeping reform. My husband and I have been forced out of our comfort zone, as we engage our 16 year old black… Continue Reading “Our Son Opens Up On Blacklivesmatter”

Black Girl Magic

By Basia Alicia Powell Recognizing my beauty does not remove yours. Every color is important to the artist. You cannot create a painting without having multiple colors. Many people are now acknowledging what I always knew. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. Beauty comes in all sizes,… Continue Reading “Black Girl Magic”

The Vaccine For Racism

By Basia Alicia Powell America continues to be afflicted by a pandemic far worst than Caronavirus, and that is racism. We can no longer ignore this plague. It is too deadly. While the health experts are frantically searching for a vaccine for Covid 19,… Continue Reading “The Vaccine For Racism”