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7 Qualities A Woman Wants In Her Man

By Basia Alicia Powell It is not as hard as you think to make a woman happy. There are some keys things that every woman wants from her man, to make their relationship work. Most women may agree to this list, but not necessarily… Continue Reading “7 Qualities A Woman Wants In Her Man”

What Is Your New Year Resolution?

By Basia Alicia Powell I have none. Before I take any decision this year, I will ask myself, “Is  this thing, person, situation or opportunity, good for me?” If the answer is no, I am just going to keep on pressing.  When you focus… Continue Reading “What Is Your New Year Resolution?”

Happy 18th Anniversary Hubby!

Dear Husband Today marks 18 years we said “I do”. Boy or boy, our vows have been tested. ‘In sickness and in health, richer or poorer’. We have been through it all, and by God’s grace we are still standing. It was not easy,… Continue Reading “Happy 18th Anniversary Hubby!”

What Success Means To Me❗️

What Success Means To Me Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be successful. As I grew older, my idea and definition of success changed. At first I used the symbols of success, like luxury cars, homes and career to… Continue Reading “What Success Means To Me❗️”

Definition Of A Good Wife❗️

Definition Of A “GoodWife” By Basia A. Powell What is a “good” wife? For many years, I have tried to live up to the traditional definition. I felt the pressure to please, to be perfect, and live up to the habits handed down by… Continue Reading “Definition Of A Good Wife❗️”

Happy Father’s Day

Any man can give a woman a child, but not every man can be a good father to that child. Today, as I reflect on the significance of Father’s Day, I want to wish a happy one to my fabulous husband, my two fathers,… Continue Reading “Happy Father’s Day”