Time To Let Go And Grow

By Basia Alicia Powell I have spent the greater part of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 introspecting. This action has allowed me to discover a better version of myself. I took a vulnerable look at the areas of my life that were not delivering the results I need. What I learnt from my introspection... Continue Reading →


By Basia Alicia Powell Our history is so much more than slavery, it includes breaking records in sports, winning Grammys, Academy Awards, becoming doctors, lawyers, professors, world leaders, businesmen and busiesswomen. Our people have achieved a whole lot over the past 100 years and they deserve for us to tell their stories. Their outstanding achievements... Continue Reading →

Spinach Ravioli With Mushrooms And Broccoletti In Supreme Sauce

By Basia Alicia PowellHey Fam,My recipe this week is dedicated to my vegetarians! And it is absolutely delicious 😋. I cannot wait for you to try this Spinach Mozzarella Ravioli , with Mushrooms, Broccoletti and Sundried Tomatoes.Prep time 30 to 45 mins (depending on how fast you cook) 😀.Here Is The Recipe( I also used Crush... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower And Crawfish Frittata And Ahi Tuna

By Basia Alicia Powell It's Wednesday, and that can only mean one thing. Time for another Food Vlog. Today, I prepared a yummy Cauliflower and Crawfish Frittata: Cauliflower And Crawfish Frittata Recipe I also demonstrate the exact technique to prepare my husband's favorite, Ahi Tuna: Ahi Tuna Recipe Here is the recipe for both and... Continue Reading →

CONVERSATIONS With Etienne Charles

By Basia Alicia Powell If you have been following my recent travels, you would have seen highlights from my recent trip to my homeland Trinidad for Carnival 2020. What I did not reveal is the fact that I spent a great part of my carnival working, as interviewed and documented activities of super talented musician,... Continue Reading →

Ducky’s Seafood In Mayaro, Trinidad

By Basia Alicia Powell Lobsters Unknown to many people, I spent a great part of my childhood in Mayaro, Trinidad during my Easter and summer vacations. Needless to say, I became very curious about "all the hype" surrounding this popular food spot in Ortoire Mayaro, that specializes in selling roast fish and lobster. I was... Continue Reading →

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