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What’s Wrong With My Blackness?

By Basia Alicia Powell What’s wrong with my blackness might you ask? Hmmm…my answer is nothing. So if the answer is nothing; why do I have to constantly face the burden of you stereotyping and patronizing me because you feel that I feel bad… Continue Reading “What’s Wrong With My Blackness?”

Farewell To The Gradame

By Basia Alicia Powell Farewell To The Gradame Rest In Paradise Queen. You were everything and more. Pure class, grace, light and wisdom. No one slayed a red carpet like you at 96 years old like you did. Thanks for sharing your gift with… Continue Reading “Farewell To The Gradame”

Let Go Of Your Crutches

By Basia Alicia Powell When you let go of your crutches, that is when you begin to truly walk. The most recent example of this is a man who stuttered  for most of his childhood became the oldest person to assume the office of… Continue Reading “Let Go Of Your Crutches”

In Case You Missed It

By Basia Alicia Powell In case you missed it, or think it is all a dream, we have a new President ‼️Today Joe Biden became the 46th President of The United States Of America. A woman, who just happens to be black, of Jamaican… Continue Reading “In Case You Missed It”

Today Let’s Remember The Dream”

By Basia Alicia Powell Today we celebrate the life and work of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. A man who inspired me from an early age. As a young student pursuing my First Degree in Politics at the University Of The West Indies,  I… Continue Reading “Today Let’s Remember The Dream””

Put Your Shoes On

By Basia Alicia Powell People don’t be distracted by this coup taking place on Capitol Hill. We  made significant strides last night in Georgia and around the country in November, 2020. We are not going backwards. In the words of Rev Raphael Wornock, “Get… Continue Reading “Put Your Shoes On”