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Gratitude Is More Than Just Saying Thank You

My life can best be described as, “existing in constant gratitude”.  The more challenging life becomes, the more grateful I am. The challenges usually disappear, when I shift my focus. Gratitude is everything.  It produces real happiness.  When you consciously decide that all that… Continue Reading “Gratitude Is More Than Just Saying Thank You”

Fall Vibes

By Basia Alicia Powell By Basia Alicia Powell Fall Vibes 🧡 I love everything about this season. It is not too hot, or too cold. Turtlenecks and boots are out. I find it to be a very romantic time of the year. Time to… Continue Reading “Fall Vibes”

Adjust Your Lighting

By Basia Alicia Powell How you see a situation sometimes boils down to your lighting. If your bulb is dim, then your lighting will also be poor. Many of us are seeing darkness at the moment and some are even feeling hopeless. Its understandable,… Continue Reading “Adjust Your Lighting”

Rest In Paradise John Lewis

By Basia Alicia Powell Civil Rights icon, Congressman John Lewis, has died at the age of 80. Here is a tribute we wrote earlier to mark the passing of this civil rights hero: “ Rest In Paradise 🙏🏾. You are the definition of a… Continue Reading “Rest In Paradise John Lewis”


Hey Fam, Take a look at my new Basia’s Food Vlog 10. I baked a Gingerbread Cake and Breaded Chicken Strips. This is one of my favorite episodes, as I am joined by both our sons, RJ and Ross. Some of you may know… Continue Reading “GINGERBREAD CAKE”

Our Son Opens Up On Blacklivesmatter

By Basia Alicia Powell The racial pandemic in America, and around the world,has sparked many discussions and massive protests, resulting in some sweeping reform. My husband and I have been forced out of our comfort zone, as we engage our 16 year old black… Continue Reading “Our Son Opens Up On Blacklivesmatter”