Trinidad Carnival Party Scene🔥

Brian Lara Premier All- Inclusive

There are many events that happen during

the greatest show on earth, otherwise known as “Trinidad Carnival”. One of the most exclusive party tickets you can score in Carnival Sunday , is one for an exclusive fete hosted by International cricketer, and record holder Brian Charles Lara.

Football Legends Dwight York and Russell Latapy

This party is held at Lara’s mansion located on Chancellor Hill overlooking the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port Of Spain,Trinidad. Many international celebrities make appearances at this party. Over the years we have seen celebrities like Gabriel Union, Usain Bolt, the wife of comedian Kevin Hart, rapper Ludicrous and many more.

This year,Lara took the party up a notch with an exclusive lounge for his premium sponsors and dignitaries. The food service is handled by classically trained chefs, and very qualified caterers ,for the other guests, along with a premium bar service.

This year, the entertainment cast was spectacular, with performances by Kes the Band, Patrice Roberts, Skinny Fabulous, Problem Child, Ravi B, Allison Hinds, Iwer George, Teri Lyons and more.

Take a look at the opulence that went down at Lara’s mansion on Carnival Sunday:

Soaka Street Party

Unlike many Trinidadians, I am not a huge J’Ouvert fan. So when I was told that Soaka Street party involves water, paint and powder, I was a bit skeptical. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that this would be my greatest carnival experience!

We arrived in the party dry and clean, and left dirty, wet and satisfied. This experience was so liberating. No one was concerned about fashion and what you were wearing. They were just throwing powder and paint everywhere and then came the water! It was a feeling of absolute freeness that cannot be explained! We saw performances by Kes, Voice and Bunji Garlin.

Take a look at the madness:

Soca Brainwash Fete 2020

The fashion at Soca Brainwash did not disappoint. The theme this year was Asian. Let us just say that the fashion did not disappoint.Take a look:

And yours truly under the Cherry Blossom tree.💃📷🏖

Bayview Fete 2020

For those of you who were not present at Bayview Carnival party in Trinidad yesterday (Carnival Friday), please accept my sympathy😜. It is common knowledge that it is very difficult to score tickets to Bayview Carnival Friday cooler fete. Well, it is with good reason. This party is the gold standard of all cooler parties for Trinidad Carnival.

The pump is real and the vibe is intoxicating. Bayview is our favorite party for Carnival. There is no better feeling like partying on a deck with family and friends (some of whom you have not seen in years), and others you only get a chance to see once a year, when we all come home for Carnival.

The vibe is just right with drinks in the coolers, the DJ playing both new and old soca music, and only two performances from two leading soca artistes . This year, the ladies rule, as both Nadia Batson and Patrice Roberts performed. If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone who went to this party and have a look at the video footage:

Sunrise Breakfast Party

I tell people all the time. During Trinidad Carnival, there is a party going on every hour of the day.There are many things to do on Carnival Friday. At the top of the list for me is to attend Sunrise Breakfast party, which starts at 4 am and was held this year in Santa Cruz. This is a must do event for me. This party is 🔥🔥🔥. Five stars!

Not only is the party lit, but it is well organized, nicely appointed. It was an Asian decor this year, as we received fans and umbrellas from the promoters, who happen by the way to be Jamaicans. My, my, these Jamaicans can throw a party. They came to impress and that they did.

What also impressed me was the fashion. I kept it simple, but I found some real slayers in this party. Check out the photos and video highlights:

This is slayage😋

I swear they look like Barbie and Ken. Love it😍

Me and My Day 1s

Hanging with JW and Ricardo Powell

Karen Koury, Basia Powell and Cahsan Elbourne

Makeup Artist and Stylist Murrien Mitchell

Video Highlights from Sunrise

Farmhouse Fete

” As soon as we reach is fire!” That is how i felt about Farmhouse Fete 2020. One of our must attend Carnival events held on Carnival Thursday (Thursday before Carnival) .

This cooler party is amazing. Tickets for this fete go on sale months in advance and must be approved by committee members. It’s an exclusive event.

Take a look at the photos and video footage from Farmhouse Fete 2020:

My Slay

Dress – Prettylittlething
Bag – Gucci
Accessories- Hermes
Aminah Abdul Jillil

Trinidad Pan Crawl 2020

As is customary, we had to check out the vibes in the panyard, for Trinidad Carnival 2020. The steelband music is a critical part of our historic cultural landscape. There would be no Trinidad and Tobago Carnival without steelpan music.

Our culture is so diverse, rich and intoxicating. We are a colorful people. Very laid back, yet talented and creative. Carnival means many things for Trinidadians, and for us last night it was all about the pan vibes.

Trinidadians created the science behind the steelpan, led by late greats like Rudolph Charles, Ken “Professor” Philmore and Len “Boogsie” Sharp, to name a few. Today many others are carrying out the musical mission and pan is now global.

Take a look at our photo and video highlights from Trinidad Pan Crawl 2020:

Video Highlights

Highlights From “Kes On The Rocks”

Last night we went to Kes On The Rocks. It was pure fire🔥🔥🔥. We had a time. Check out the details of my outfit from last night’s event, plus a video montage of the event:

Top – Urban Outfitters
Leggings – Gap
Belt bag – Gucci
Sneakers- Nike Air Jordans 1 Retro High

Basia Powell and Karen Koury

Basia Powell and Kwineil Paul

Basia and Ricardo Powell

Highlights From Machel Monday “The Wedding “

He says it is the end of an era…we’ll see. Last night Machel Montano officially celebrated his recent nuptials with his “die hard” Machel fans at the Hasley Crawford Stadium in Trinidad.

We saw performances from many leading soca artistes like Nadia Batson, Farmer Nappy, Ravi B and others. Reggae superstar Taurus Riley also made an appearance.

Congrats to Machel and his beautiful wife Renee. Take a look at the highlights:

Fatima Fete

It’s that time again. Trinidad Carnival 2020 is in full swing and as promised we are going to keep you up to date on the party and fashion scene, right here at BasiaTV. Last night we went to Fatima fete/party and lets just say the ladies did not disappoint. They dressed to impress. Take a look at fashion and footage from last night’s fete.Check out my swag:

Dress: Prettylittlething
Bag: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Alexander Wang

Basia Powell and Lynette Garcia

Basia Powell, Musician Etienne Charles, Lynette Garcia

Having a great time with Trinidad and Tobago’s First Lady, Mrs Sharon Rowley
Basia Powell and Judith St Hill

They can’t party like we‼🇹🇹Stay tuned for more Trinidad Carnival 2020 coverage.