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My name is Basia. The meaning of my name is “Daughter of God”. I am a wife, mother, daughter, entrepreneur, and most of all, I am a “Slayer.” Just like you, I have good days and bad days. I have learnt a lot from my bad days. I believe everything happens for a reason. God never takes anything from you without giving you better.Trials come to make you strong, not to kill you.

I started this amazing blog to provide inspiration to everyone (particularly women) seeking to find and maintain happiness.  The key to a successful life  is being happy. The source of every emotional pain, illness and depression is unhappiness. My focus is mainly on healing, gratitude and helping women to live their best lives and ultimately become “Slayers”. Life is too short to spend your days unhappy and without purpose.

The question is not if you want to be happy; but if you are truly tired of being unhappy?

Lets dance:)


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