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Hurting People, Hurt People

By Basia Alicia Powell Many of us are experiencing some form of pain. Unfortunately, some of us are unable to cope, and we are afraid to admit it, at the risk of being HUMAN‼️. Mental and emotional pain are  hard to detect. Many people… Continue Reading “Hurting People, Hurt People”

Make time for fun🧚‍♂️🎶🎙

We all see life through different lenses. We allow our experiences to shape us. The reality is, we have control over some of our experiences. Therefore, we can also shape our experiences. We can choose to only have happy, positive experiences. Impossible you say?… Continue Reading “Make time for fun🧚‍♂️🎶🎙”

Letter to my husband❤️

Dear Husband, Happy 16th Anniversary! It feels like just yesterday we fell in love. I remember we did not do premarital counseling because you felt that we did not need it, because our love was so perfect we would be fine 😎😡. Well 16… Continue Reading “Letter to my husband❤️”