Healthy and fabulous 

The goal of the Season 4 of Basiastylecooking cooking is to get you to join my campaign for people of all ages to be happy healthy and fabulous! This season I showcase some of the menus on my show but every week I post menu ideas on my blog and my IG. Here are some photos from my menu ideas from this week and an update from my fitness goals. My goal is not overnight success. I have been pursuing this healthy and fabulous for a year. It is important for me to eat right to manage my weight and workout to keep my body toned.

Brownstew fish with quinoa cucumber and an Asian slaw

Fried Rice made from cauliflower (No rice involved 😜) with avocado Teriyaki Salmon and plantain

I had fruits with Ginger Tea for breakfast and then a home made protein shake I made myself as a mid morning snack before hitting the gym during my lunch break

Make time to be healthier and fabulous!<<

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