Letter To My 18 Year Old Self❤️

Dear 18 year old Basia, As I approach my 45th birthday, I would like to check in with you. I wish you would have told me that an 18 year old girl raised by a divorced mother, could be anything she wants to be. Had I known the importance of dreaming back then I would... Continue Reading →

Secret To A Happy Marriage❤️

Have you ever heard the saying, “Happy wife, happy life.” Well it is actually the secret to a happy marriage. Marriage is not as hard as people make it out to be. It really gets complicated when two people have nothing in common and are not on the same page, or they are constantly trying... Continue Reading →

The Cosby Effect

It seems like Hollywood is experiencing a cleansing. I sit here and I ask myself, “Who is next?” It is a liberating time for women and the abused. Attention all men, keep your penis in your pants,unless we ask you to take it out! Sexual abusers are dropping like flies. I applaud the organizations that... Continue Reading →

Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are still on the market for Christmas gifts then your best bet is online shopping! This year I made a killing. I was super organized and I capitalized on all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. I am seriously feeling like a ten👌. I saved hundreds of dollars with promo codes and... Continue Reading →

Struggle vs Climb

Struggle is not a word I like very much. In fact, the struggle is not real in my head. Many people, when asked, “How are you doing?”, sometimes respond, “ I am there,struggling.” The idea that they have accepted struggle is the real problem. What many view as struggle, is what I see as climb.... Continue Reading →

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