A day in the life of a slayer😎

So this evening I decided that I wanted to enjoy some tea time on the deck with my love 😍. So I whipped up a lovely meal and as soon as the sun went down a little, I announced “Tea Time!” We had an assortment of olives; celery and carrot sticks in dill dip; strawberries and frozen grapes; raincoast crisps crackers with cranberry and blazing buffalo cheeses; hummus and crisps; ginger tea “Caribbean style” and of course a bottle of Moscato!

s yummy.  Sometimes we just have to wake up and smell the roses 🌹. Life goes by so quickly. When last have you done tea time with your girlfriends or a loved one? Sometimes you just have to get together to spill the "Tea". Enjoy your weekend

Until next time

Slayer #Blessed 😜😘

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