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Price Does Not Always Reflect Worth

By Basia Alicia Powell When I was a little girl, I honestly did not feel rich or poor. The only description I had for myself was fabulous. It was strange how the numerical value I attached to my existence was, the word fabulous. Well,… Continue Reading “Price Does Not Always Reflect Worth”

The Plant Is Nothing Without The Soil

Basia Alicia Powell All plants cannot grow in the same soil.This is a fact I took for granted until recently. Several months ago, we decided to plant the seeds from the Bell Peppers we bought at the supermarket, in some small clay pots with… Continue Reading “The Plant Is Nothing Without The Soil”

The Definition Of Success

By Basia Alicia Powell I feel like success has been poorly defined for many of us. In most cases, the definition is derived by a measurement or perhaps a comparison between and among persons based on lifestyle and our abilities to acquire more things.… Continue Reading “The Definition Of Success”

Failure Is Simply Practice

By Basia Alicia Powell There is no such thing as failure. I am certain of it. Someone who did not want anyone else to succeed created that word. Sometimes the greatest blessing you can receive, is to experience failure early, because failure can set… Continue Reading “Failure Is Simply Practice”

11 Years Cancer Free And Happy

By Basia Alicia Powell Hey Guys, Today marks 11 years of being cancer free. My life has been interesting. I can say for sure, I am blessed. 11 years ago, breast cancer did not take my life, it taught me how to live. My… Continue Reading “11 Years Cancer Free And Happy”

Chasing Got Me Nowhere!

By Basia Alicia Powell For as long as I can remember, I have been a chaser. I thought it was called driven, ambitious, go-getter, whatever you choose to call it. This approach got me to where I needed to get to, but I did… Continue Reading “Chasing Got Me Nowhere!”