Price Does Not Always Reflect Worth

By Basia Alicia Powell

When I was a little girl, I honestly did not feel rich or poor. The only description I had for myself was fabulous. It was strange how the numerical value I attached to my existence was, the word fabulous. Well, I have to say nothing much has changed.😀

I am always amazed by people who find their value in numbers. What happens if the numbers decrease, would your actual value decrease? Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with numbers. I am a fan of the pricing system. Except when it comes to me, I set the price. Ain’t nobody going to tell me what I am worth. In fact the happier I feel, my price goes up.

I Am The Most Valuable Real Estate I Own!

Some people treat their cars and houses better than they treat themselves. Therefore, when they lose these possessions, its like they lose themselves. If your worth is determined by who you are and not your possessions, then if you lose them, you will not lose your value.


My point is, worth comes from a perspection and a value attached to person or thing. No one will attach more value to you than you. If you are waiting on an external valuator to determine your value, then you are in trouble.

I am grateful that a long time ago, my value was set by me. No parent, relative, friend or spouse determines my worth. I decided to call my price, and I have experienced considerable appreciation in value since.


Today, I urge you to set “your price”. If you don’t, when you experience betrayal, it will be difficult to remember your value. People will always try to tell you what they think you are worth based on how you look, where you live, how you dress, and what you drive. However, your worth is actually determined by how you feel, and who you surround yourself with. There is a reason someone living in a beautiful home somewhere, is feeling unworthy this morning.


Our worth is determined way before we purchase the symbols of our wealth. A wealthy person can indeed experience happiness. However, a happy person does not necessarily have to be wealthy. Have a great week y’all, and remember to set your own price! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog🙏🏽

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