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Monday Motivation

Its Monday guys! Time to hunt. Let’s make things happen with a smile. Let’s go!!!πŸ’ƒπŸ“Έ

Friday Feeling

I am just in my Friday Feeling and thought I would share. What are you confronted with right now? Sometimes we are waiting on a situation to change, and we really need to change the way we look at the situation. What change are…

My Interview on Indian Marriages

There is no wedding like an Indian wedding. An Indian wedding happens over a period of a week. It is normally an extravagant and exciting affair. However, there is also no marriage like a “traditional Indian marriage”. Historically, Indian marriages are based on an…

Wednesday Wisdom

I love this saying. I learnt it from my mother, who learnt it from her mother. It is a necessary reassurance for me when I see so much injustice taking place in our world. None of us are perfect, but some people are simply…

Monday Vibes

I love Mondays!πŸ’“ It’s very important that we start the week right. Refrain from taking negative calls first thing on a Monday morning. Many people experience high anxiety levels on Monday mornings. Perhaps it is the least favorite day of the week for some….

Saturday Morning

I like the saying, ” Dont hate, celebrate.” As much as I would like to comfort myself, by feeling that I am surrounded by people who are happy for my success, I know that is not true. The same applies to you. As Damian…

Tuesday Thoughts

My personal view is , “This Too Shall Pass.” Don’t panic over a temporary problem. It is temporary! Have a great day allπŸ’₯

I Am A Hunter πŸ’₯

I Am A Hunter πŸ’₯ It is a common feeling to want to stay down, when life knocks us down. What if I told you the we were meant to experience the knock down to test how strong we are? Life will knock you…

Friday Feeling

Have a great weekend allπŸ’‹

Wednesday Wisdom

I stole this one from Robin Robert’s Instagram. Love it! Blessings BASIA AKA SLAYERπŸ’‹

Monday Motivation

Friday Feeling 😊πŸ’₯