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Selfishness VS Self-Love

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By Basia Alicia Powell I believe that the most difficult type of love to experience is self-love. This is particularly true for women, as men have less problems mastering self-love. Lack of self-love among women is almost like a “generational curse”. Each generation of… Continue Reading “Selfishness VS Self-Love”

Living In Gratitude

By Basia Alicia Powell As much as I hate to admit, it has been extremely difficult to maintain my positive outlook during these unprecedented times. When I reflect on the many obstacles I overcame in my life, the first thing that comes to mind… Continue Reading “Living In Gratitude”

Farewell To The Gradame

By Basia Alicia Powell Farewell To The Gradame Rest In Paradise Queen. You were everything and more. Pure class, grace, light and wisdom. No one slayed a red carpet like you at 96 years old like you did. Thanks for sharing your gift with… Continue Reading “Farewell To The Gradame”

What Does Stillness Mean?

By Basia Alicia Powell Psalms 46 says , “Be still and know that I am Lord.” It did not say “Stay still” or sit on your couch and do nothing. So many people misrepresent stillness. Stillness here merely represents His promise to take care… Continue Reading “What Does Stillness Mean?”

Let Go Of Your Crutches

By Basia Alicia Powell When you let go of your crutches, that is when you begin to truly walk. The most recent example of this is a man who stuttered  for most of his childhood became the oldest person to assume the office of… Continue Reading “Let Go Of Your Crutches”

In Case You Missed It

By Basia Alicia Powell In case you missed it, or think it is all a dream, we have a new President ‼️Today Joe Biden became the 46th President of The United States Of America. A woman, who just happens to be black, of Jamaican… Continue Reading “In Case You Missed It”