Dear President Trump

I write this letter to you after months of suffering from chronic anxiety. My anxiety started around November 8, 2016, to be exact. My family members have suggested that you are the cause of my anxiety but I told them, that is “Fake news”. 😜 You don’t cause problems and anxiety, you make deals, and you do it “Bigly”.


Unlike many people, and despite my chronic anxiety, I was happy to give you a chance. I took you at your word when you said you were going to “Make America great again.” I knew you would have the answers to racism and as such, you would elect qualified members of all races to your Cabinet, and you would give America great healthcare; even people with pre-existing conditions would be covered. And yes, I know you would have the First Lady, Melania, speak out against bullying, while you pretend to be a bully on Twitter.

Mr President, they expect so much from you in one year. Americans even expect you to remember that you are the President of US Virgin Islands (USVI). They don’t realize how much you have succeeded. For instance, you have succeeded at pissing off the majority of world leaders and America’s allies by bailing on climate control. You have even succeeded at getting the unwanted attention of the North Korean leader, whom you have affectionately nicknamed,”Rocket man” . Your affection for Rocketman has resulted in him threatening to launch his nuclear weapons, powerful enough to destroy the entire United States of America and its surroundings. Don’t talk about racism. I will give you an “A” for dividing America along racial lines.

Or an another thing Mr President, some people don’t like when you share your thoughts on Twitter, especially when you misspell words. Not very Presidential. They simply don’t understand your style of leadership. You are a good person, you just say whatever comes to your mind and more. I understand what it is like to live with someone who says whatever comes to his or her mind without empathy . I have a son with autism. He is like that doctor on the Good Doctor, Dr Shaun Murphy. Have you ever considered being tested to see if you might be on the spectrum, Mr President? It’s not too late. It will help the people of America understand why you have no people skills and why you pushed the Prime minister of Montenegro aside, at the NATO photo-call. Some people said you did it because you thought he was the Prime Minister of the “Negroes”. #Fakenews. I think you did not know you were doing something wrong, consistent with someone on the autism spectrum.

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Like that other time you threw the paper towels at the Puerto Ricans, when you visited Puerto Rico after the hurricane. You were just being kind and the media blew it all out of proportion, as usual.

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I want you to know,I am writing to you with a good heart and from a totally unbiased place. I am no longer a Democrat. I am now an Independent. I decided to become an Independent after you stormed the Republican Party and overthrew the establishment. I asked myself, “ Can you imagine what it would be like if an imposter were to take over the Democratic Party?” As a result, I became an anxious Independent, so I can support the best man or woman running for the office of President,regardless of party politics.

Mr President a lot of people have bets on the outcome of your Presidency. Some people say you would be impeached. I know some Mexicans who are hoping you are impeached so they can win their bets. If you resign today, they would all lose their money and you would win! And you know how you like to win? Don’t let them impeach you, just resign and make everyone wrong. Can you imagine how Hilary Clinton (Crooked Hilary) will celebrate if you got impeached? Don’t allow that to happen. Let Mike Pence and the real Republicans handle this mess. We would support your decision . What do you say about that? Let bygones be bygones? We will all pretend this past year never happened 😎.

President Trump you have hurt a lot of people since you came into office (including Melania, that is why she does not like to hold your hand).You started with the Mexicans and the wall,then your “Son of bixxh” remark, referring to black NFL players and the list goes on. What is the real plan? It seems like all you have been doing since taking office, is outing fires caused by you. Maybe you should consider building a wall around Mar-a -Lago. That way you can stay there and enjoy the view.

Anyways, I have to go now; wait a minute, more “Fake” news in. “FAKE”news CNN is reporting you were rude to a fallen soldier’s wife on the phone? Not sure if this is true? Sure does not sound like you. 😎They are also saying that you did not know the deceased officer ‘s name. For the record it is Sgt. Johnson. They are so unfair though. How can they expect an old man like you to remember everybody’s name? You normally make up names for people , like “Rocketman”, “LittleMarco” and “Lying Ted” to disguise the fact that you don’t remember their names.

I don’t know what to say. My level of anxiety continues to rise. You said you had the answers. But things are really bad Sir. I don’t like all the bad things the Fake News media is saying about you. Another thing that makes me anxious is the fact that we are not even sure who is really working at the White House any more, as the staff turnover is so high. To my dismay, your wives are having public fights about who is the First Lady, #notnice. That is historic, as this type of behavior normally happens in the hood👀.

Maybe it might be best for everyone, if you fired yourself. Don’t wait for them to humiliate you. You can still “Make America great again by resigning . Trust me, your resignation will send shock waves through the world and your ratings will be sky high. Remember you are the “ratings machine, #DJT”. And of course, if I were you I would tender my resignation on Twitter. Let the people hear it first from you.

I take this opportunity Mr President, to wish you a Happy Retirement, you have done an outstanding job giving us all anxiety.👏🏾👏🏾

You’re Fired!


Anxious Independent

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