Thursday Thoughts- Misery

All of us can relate to feeling down at some point or the other. Life is filled with ups and downs. There are hills and valleys on this journey. So many people stay in their valleys and give in to their misery.

What some of us don’t realize is, “Misery comes from within.” You can find your happiness in the most unlikely places, like the hospital, after a major illness, or in jail, because going to jail might have saved your life.

The point is, many people blame external circumstances for their misery. The truth is the only person who can make you miserable is you. You can be experiencing hell on the outside, but absolute bliss on the inside. If you decide to stay in a bad situation or relationship, you are playing an active role in your misery. Misery is indeed a personal choice.

Whatever you do today, please ensure that misery is not a part of your choice. Happiness comes from within.

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