New Years Message From Your Glow Queen

By Basia Alicia Powell

What Are Your Plans For 2022?
I plan to keep glowing internally and externally. I can’t wait to be joined by my “Glow Queens” on my #AskBasiaPodcast

They taught us many things at school, but somehow they forgot to teach us how to be happy, how to be truly happy for others, and how to truly enjoy living.  My goal as a life coach is to “Teach People How To Live”. Do yourself a favor in 2022, choose you, and start glowing. “Don’t  just stand in the rain, feel the rain‼️” As we all say goodbye to 2021, we must say goodbye to all the pain that came along with this year.

So many of us get caught up with writing resolutions at the end of the year, when we should really focus on addressing our pain and trauma.  The only way we can achieve our goals and dreams is with a clear mind and heart. Negative energy attracts negative things and people in our lives. Positive vibes and light only attracts positive results.

Therefore, before we write on our vision board, our vision must be clear. We cannot be blinded by our past or about what people think about us. What people think about me  is none of my business.  Their thoughts are based primarily on how they feel about themselves.  Never take advice from people who don’t love themselves. Seek counsel only from those people who inspire you and who are comfortable with you pursuing greatness alongside them.

Over the years, my circle has gotten smaller. I enjoy being surrounded by people who are smarter than I am, people who are comfortable with me doing very well in my life. I have discovered that God sometimes blesses the people around us first, to see what our reactions will be toward their blessings. The happier you are for their blessings, the greater yours will be.

Queens as 2021 comes to a close, I would like to ask you to  adjust your lighting, if you have not done so already.. Time to glow in 2022. In the meantime, I am going to sit back and enjoy watching God bless all of my queens, as I have no problem with Him blessing you first, or blessing you with more. It will not affect my Glow
You Feel Me ⁉️
Queen B💞

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